Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've been reminded lately...

...very clearly, of the constant ebb and flow of life. I see it in everything; night and day, sunshine and rain, in the ocean tides, in the fullness and emptiness of the breath. It's rainy and cloudy and humid today, and my boyfriend's friend looked out our dining room window and said, "At least it was nice yesterday." I never understood why people think it isn't nice out when it's raining. I love walking outside after a summer rain when the air is cool and you can still smell the mist. And this reminded me, there will always be sunshine, and there will always be rain. Both are beautiful.

The energy of life moves and flows around itself, waxing and waning, pushing and pulling. All things are within your view and shouldn't be ignored. The negative is just as integral as the positive, and in fact necessary for the positive to stand. Without the negative, all things simply become neutral. And in the grandest scheme of things, where the positive truly has no negative, all things are neutral. When breaking things down into positive and negative, who's to say which is "better"? Together they create the whole. That whole is God.

Imagine lazy ripples moving out over the surface of a lake, contracting and expanding as a result of the constant movement below the surface, and of the wind. That's what the energy of the universe looks like, valleys between the peaks and peaks between the valleys. They flow with each other so that life may continue to flow. You encounter both halves in every day life, and over lifetimes. Without the valleys, the peaks merely lay flat and stagnant.

What strength have you gained or lessons have you learned from the difficult times in your life? Or just today?