Monday, July 4, 2011

building blocks

I feel like I'm done finding things now. First, I was searching. Then, I found the treasure trove and started digging through it. Now, I have everything laid out before me. I've thrown out a lot of the trash, and I can use what's left to start building.

I did more cleaning today. Now, the front room is nice and sunny and there's a place to sit and take your shoes off =)

We still have a lot more work to do before the whole house is cleaned up and organized. I started downstairs and the first three rooms, while not spotless, are now warm and inviting, instead of cluttered and uncomfortable. Now that I feel secure in my own living room, I can move on to the upstairs, and eventually the attic. The more I clean the more I see how I will maintain the order in the future. I have a solid standard and I can return to it when I need to, even while letting things get a little messy while I'm busy enjoying the space, rather than obsessing over it or ignoring it. But the maintenance is always easier than the complete overhaul.

Was I talking about the house? Or myself? I can't remember now...