About Me

Hello =)
My name is Leslie. I was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1986, and I am 24 years old. I am an only child and I grew up in a cluttered home with my polar opposite parents who rarely spoke. I spent much of my time in solitude, and though it created issues such as social anxiety disorder and depression, it also gave me ample time to think. This allowed a deep spirituality to flourish in me.

Having always been one to follow my intuition, it grew difficult for me to pretend, and to put myself into situations that I knew weren't right for me. Social anxiety made it difficult for me to express this, and I spent a long time knowing something wasn't right, but not knowing what it was. As my intuition deepened, I began to see very clearly how I had gotten to where I was, and, feeling that I had a purpose larger than the isolated life I was creating, I developed a solid determination to change. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, but I knew that there was a drastic change ahead, and I knew that it was up to me to follow it.

Now that I have a clear view of where I came from, I focus on where I am going. I know where I want to be and what feels most right for me, but it's taken me years to figure out how to get there. Now, with hard earned clarity, I see the steps that need to be taken. I've given up the focus on goals and plans, and am now doing only what I see needs to be done immediately. The next step will reveal itself when I'm ready for it.

I've only just begun. I am at the very beginning stages of merely building the foundation for a journey that I know will be long and difficult. But following the right path, my way is made easy and joyful. Without a social foundation it is difficult to sustain my energy, and I falter with each step. But I have the freedom to choose strength, and to choose to look ahead, and I make that choice every single day.